Start-up your future

Studentup is everything you need to build a start-up and kickstart your career in one platform. The missing puzzle piece in the student world.

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Meet Studentup

Studentup is a Maastricht-based company that aims to create innovative entrepreneurial hubs around the university cities by developing a platform which makes student entrepreneurship a million times easier.

We strongly believe that if we empower the future leaders and innovators of this world, anything is possible.

For Students

Find your start-up team

Do you have a genius start-up idea but you need help in things like design, marketing, or coding? We'll help you find teammates at your university with an Ai-driven search engine.

Boost your resume

Gain practical experience by participating in Studentup competitions. Do short projects for companies to win prizes and build a strong resume in no-time!

Get funding for your projects

Investors will be able to see as much of projects and the progress you make as you want. If your idea is good, you won’t have to approach investors, they will approach you.

Become More Efficient

Find our “How to start-up” section to find out anything you need to know about registering your companies, building contracts, adhering to laws and how to do all the other boring stuff.

For Businesses

Get creative and innovative solutions

Whenever your business needs out-of-the-box solutions from the smartest and most motivated young people in the world, you can get it at Studentup. Post a Studentup Competition and let students compete for giving you the best idea.

Make a direct link to future employees

Studentup is a platform full of motivated and entrepreneurial students, waiting to uncover their full potential. Connect with them, work with them, and recruit the best talent out there for your company.

The Team

"Studentup will enable millions of students to follow their dreams and change the world for the better. Student life will never be the same anymore."

"I wish Studentup already existed, it'd be so much easier launching this platform and finding people."


"Studentup is the new age social media that’ll make students feel confident about their economy’s bright future."

"Being a student and entrepreneur, a platform like Studentup was only a dream. Until now."

"Gone are the days of making post after post on Social Media searching for the perfect candidate that was sitting next to you the whole time."

“As a serial entrepreneur with experience in multinational corporations, the need for Studentup is undeniable. As an investor, the business model looks very promising and could be set for great success.”